ESSC 3-5-2017 The boys did awesome today!

I have been working more on motivation off the start line and when working small sequences, I’d say it paid off today, so yes I will keep it.

Franky passed Ray in JWW time today by a ton. He is still sorting out his foot work in the weaves. Two footin it and single striding here and there. So its coming along more and more often to single striding.

Ray was pretty hot today as well, loving the restrained send to the tunnel today. Sooo looking forward to AKC NAC later this month with Ray. Franky is going along for the ride this time.


A trip to Canada 2/24/17

Teaching full time includes evenings right. It also can be tricky to get training time in with other instructors. So cancel the last 3 classes on Thursday in Rochester and to the border we went.

A discussion with my Canadian friends back in Jan and a trip to Canada is scheduled.

The boys and I had a lovely time working with Shauna Oliver, Canadian TEAM member and Gold winner.

Ray had a wonderful work out, especially with 5 tunnels on the set-up. Always eager to work and give his all.

Much was over Franky’s skill set but he rose to the challenge by days end and enjoyed running some parts of the set-up.

A straight, non-assuming style and we matched well for the day with Shauna. I look forward to returning. And Yes, I have a list of skills to train and improve upon. Homework ahead for us.

After dinner the trip back was uneventful and was home by midnight.

We have our list of skills to improve and train!!

Thank you Tina Johnston and Dan Steel for the invite and ALL the videos you took for me. IOU BIG time on the video taking.







A New Year a new teaching location, Da Paws Place in Rochester WA. I-5 exit #88

Classes began and are taught on Thursdays

2 pm, 4 pm, 5:30 pm & 7 pm

Come by and meet the owners William & Chris Edmark.

They have built a new building, full kitchen, restroom and arena all indoors. 

The surface is great 70 x 80 clay, dirt surface. 

For class info. or questions contact Chris at or my self at


Da Paws Place

  • 19019 Roseburg St SW
  • Rochester, Washington 98579