Train iT! Agility students enjoyed the weekend of competing and time with friends. Feb 2020

AKC weekend at the Mt Rainier Sporting Spaniel Trial.

Gille and I won HIT Non-Sporting Group

Miss C And Liz Bingham won HIT for Toy group

Franky won HIT for Premiere on Friday, Sat HIT for Herding group

Mai Thomas and Axl won both 12″ classes and a QQ after being out of the country for 9 months, without her dog.

Congrats to Mary & Arden, Gayle & Squiggy/Mazer, Sandra/Cajun, Janice/Zuki, Janice/Moxie, Susan/Wrangler, Charlene & Juno/Boo, Tammy & Pete/Nagi, Liz & Miss C/Raven, Mai/Axl, Jennifer & Rose, Terri/Lyric. Dan/Amy.