RHR USDAA weekend, Always a blast to do USDAA trials…with 3 dogs…a lot for ones feet. Ray, Franky & Gem did me proud. Gemmie for continuing to amayze me at her squealing joy to run at 10.5 years. Way to win both 14″ PGP, PSJ and also to play New handler old dog team yet again for a green student. Ray & Franky earned various Q’s and many points towards their Teams. Ray is now complete for Cynosports end of the year, Lil Franky prefering the tunnel in the opening of GP still needs one of those. I’m so tickled on him sorting through his RDW behavior, much training to go yet but he seems to understand enough for now. Congratulations to students who came and mastered USDAA, it’s different but so fun, keep moving forward and your agility dreams will be there.

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